Innovation Alternative Future

In the Innovation Future, communities focus on the challenges of rapid technology changes. Communities promote more technology and related jobs to grow the greater Madison region as a national center for innovation and investment. They also make places attractive to tech workers and employers with conveniences like coffee shops, dining, and entertainment that are accessible by walking, biking, and transit, as well as by car.

Decide how communities should allocate limited resources. Arrange the four actions below in the order of your priorities. Drag the one you think is most important to the top and rank the others under it. (You may also click on the arrows to move each action up or down in importance.) You will have a chance to review and readjust your priorities at the end of the survey.

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Promote tech job growth

Universities and others encourage technology job growth by turning research into businesses, increasing availability of capital, and promoting business networks.

More vibrant centers

Communities develop more vibrant and walkable centers with jobs, shopping, homes, and public spaces. Smaller stores allow people to browse and order products, even as e-commerce thrives.

Expand transit

Expand transit to connect Madison with surrounding communities. Adopt rules for driverless cars that reduce congestion and improve transit.

Better connect education and work

Schools work more closely with technology companies to meet their job needs and foster a vibrant culture of tech entrepreneurs. K-12 education prepares the highly diverse student body to succeed in a technological society.

Explore how the region grows with the innovation alternative future

Growth in this future happens mostly within existing communities through:

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