Community Alternative Future

In the Community Future, communities across the region focus on the challenges of growing, changing populations. Leaders decide it is time to come together to make sure all members can access opportunity and fulfill their potential. They foster welcoming communities where all members can get the resources they need to succeed. They encourage active, healthy communities with access to outdoor activities, and places where people walk and bike more.

Decide how communities should allocate limited resources by arranging the four actions below in the order of your priorities. Drag the one you think is most important to the top and rank the others under it. (You may also click on the arrows to move each action up or down in importance.) You will have a chance to review and readjust your priorities at the end of the survey.

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Expanded housing options

More housing choices allow a broader range of families to live in a community. Seniors live with and among children and grandchildren.

More community-based resources

More education, job training and health services are available locally. Schools, health providers, and non-profit groups bring resources to community centers, libraries, senior centers, or schools.

Walkable communities

Streets and paths help people reach destinations and recreation by walking and biking, and help keep people healthy.

More access to outdoors

Communities include more trails and parks that connect people to nature.

Explore how the region grows with the community alternative future

The Community Future’s estimated impact on you and people in the region

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